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  All The Word To All The World

Messianic - Hebrew Roots

The Hebrew Roots Movement is increasingly difficult to define. For the most part it is made up of those who have immersed themselves in the culture of Israel.  Messianic and Hebrew Roots believers will find themselves at home with the "biblical" practices of Covenant Apostolics.

Some similarities are... 7th Day Sabbath observance, The Honoring of God's 10 Commandments, and the celebration of Biblical Feast Days.

Some differences might be... Covenant Apostolics have left "Pagan Christian Traditions" without adopting non-biblical Jewish traditions.  Many non-scriptural traditions added during the Babylonian exile and developed by the rabbis are common in Messianic circles. These non-scriptural, rabbinic traditions were often bones of contention between Jesus and the religious establishment of the time. Covenant Apostolics are careful to avoid leaving one set of traditions merely to adopt another. 

Many seekers are finding their way out of pagan tradition through the efforts of Messianic and Hebrew Roots fellowships. This journey is creating a desire for an Authentic, First Century, Apostolic Experience. We are seeing more these students finding that experience here.

1st Day (Sunday) Apostolics 

CACI shares many of the foundational truths proclaimed by other Apostolic groups. Most Apostolic Christians would find the atmosphere in a CACI congregation very similar to that of any Apostolic/Pentecostal service. Thus they would feel welcome and right at home in a CACI meeting.

Some similarities are... Baptism according to Acts 2:38, exuberant worship, and Godhead consistent with Deut 6:4.

Some differences might be... Though most Apostolic/Pentecostal groups have broken ties with Roman Christianity when it comes to Baptism and Godhead, most still walk in unity with Rome when it comes to other Pagan influences within Christianity. Some of these are; the observance of the winter solstice as the birthday celebration of Christ, the observance of the spring equinox as Easter Sunday, and the shifting of solemnity from God's Sabbath to the SUNday.

HISTORIC NOTE... No founding member of the CACI Executive Board ever held license with the PAW, UPCI, or ALJC. Therefore the CACI is not a "split" or schism from any of these 1st Day groups. While other 7th Day personalities grind an ax toward their 1st Day brethren, the CACI does not. We certainly stand boldly and without apology on the Biblical 7th Day Sabbath & Festivals, however, we also cordially search for common ground with other Apostolic believers, and are thankful for the great efforts their groups have made in promoting the Acts 2:38 & Oneness message.

The numbers of Apostolic Pentecostals who are leaving pagan influenced Christianity and finding themselves at home in the CACI movement is encouraging. 

World Wide Church of God

Though the WWCG no longer exists in its original mission, there are many groups who carry on the work. The CACI shares many foundation truths with the WWCG remnant churches. Much of our doctrinal teachings would resonate with former WWCG members and ministers.

Some similarities are... Non-Triniterian, Baptism according to Acts 2:38, observance of the 7th Day Sabbath, and Observance of Biblical Feasts. 

Some differences might be... Spirit filled believers, exuberant worship, the operation of the gifts of the Spirit (though decent and in order).

It is our belief that the understanding of these doctrinal truths with the manifested power of the Holy Ghost in the believers will empower the endtime church.

There is a growing hunger among CoG believers for an Authentic Spiritual experience with the Most High. The flow of worship that is both 'IN SPIRIT" and "IN TRUTH" is at the heart of the Covenant Apostolic Movement.

Independent Apostolics Honoring the 7th Day

There are a number of independent ministries scattered about with no serious fellowship. Many simply have not yet found our fellowship and perhaps some simply choose to remain independent for various reasons. In either case, we appreciate their faithfulness to the message.

We are passionate about a connected body among those of like precious faith.  We desire to work together as a resource of Ministers and Congregations giving greater access to one another's gifts for the furtherance of the message. With this unity we increase our understanding, rescue Ministries from isolation, and avoid the tendency to drift off in independent directions developing tangents which ultimately polarize the body.

Hebrew Name-ism Groups

The CACI is NOT a Hebrew Name-ism Group.

We believe His name is honored and sacred when spoken in any language. Though our ministers often use Hebrew pronunciations such as Yahweh, and Yahshua, this is not to the exclusion of any other language or pronunciation.  We realize the original audible sound of these names in Hebrew is both unknown and unknowable with the ancient sound of the letters lost to history. This is an indisputable fact. Thus, we can not know with certainty that one pronunciation is more accurate than another. There is also no scripture which declares that a name is more acceptable when spoke in Hebrew. 

How Different Denominations Compare To The Original Church