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  All The Word To All The World


In 2002 Bishop Jesse White, Bishop Mark Jackson, and Sis. Erma Jones (now deceased) were the initial key ministers instrumental in the doctrinal formulation of what would later become the CACI. Sister Jones had been raised in the 7th Day Apostolic faith and her father had earlier presided over the Pentecostal Church of Zion. Jackson, a co-founder and charter member of CACI, had extensive family roots in the Holy Church of God, an Apostolic organization founded as far back as 1910. White, another co-founder and charter member of CACI, was a fifth generation Apostolic minister whose family had been connected to the Apostolic movement since the 1920’s predating the merger which became the United Pentecostal Church.

The meeting of these ministers brought the 7th Day understanding of Jones in contact with the Apostolic Structure and Sacramental Faith of the early church taught by White and Jackson. These restored elements of the original faith set the stage for the formation of the CACI. Early fellowship style meetings were organized by Bishop White at Mt. Zion Apostolic in Mobile, Al then Pastored by Sis Jones.

The Formation

In 2006, after spending a few years examining and consolidating doctrinal positions, the first official CACI convention was held in Mobile, Al. This meeting was presided over by Bro White with the assistance of Bro Jackson. The network of connected congregations grew over the next few years to reach multiple States in the USA, as well as Australia, the Caribbean, and the Philippines. Key leaders added during this stage were Bishop Fernando Garcia of the Philippines, Bishop Fred Cox of California, and Elect Lady A. J. Layton of Australia.

In 2011 leading Bishops in the CACI began to recognize that their early position opposing the Scriptural Festivals was incorrect. It was apparent that the Apostles themselves continued to observe the Feasts. This created a shake up as some congregations kept to a Non-Festival position while others joyfully embraced the new found experience. Over the next few years the CACI experienced a lull as congregations turned their attention to better understanding how to celebrate the Festivals, while sadly watching other congregations pull away in protest.

By 2014 the issue was settled and the CACI became Apostolic in Doctrine, Sacraments, the 7th Day Sabbath, and Celebration of the Feasts. Ultimately, it was the Feasts that set the stage for exponential growth for the CACI. 2015 saw a number of key people come into the CACI and virtually all of them due to the Feasts. This created a need for a restructuring of the CACI from a network of congregations into a more organized fellowship. 

Notable events in 2015

With Bishop Jesse White as Presiding Bishop and Bishop Mark Jackson as Secretary General, the CACI appointed Regional Diocesan Bishops in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Indiana, as well as a number of Bishops to serve as General Council

Historical note: At the admonition of Bishop Chad Sullivan, the word "Churches" was replaced in the official name of the organization with the word "Congregations" in order to connect more surely to the biblical meaning of “ecclesia”.

Notable events in 2016

In 2016 the CACI faced down a small but boisterous contingent promoting something similar to the ancient Ebionite heresy which erodes the deity of Jesus Christ. Some among them contended that Jesus Christ was the biological son of Joseph, and a sinner until his baptism by John. When pressed, they declare Jesus is God (appearing to be Oneness in theology) but in reality they only mean Jesus "became a god" after his resurrection.

There was tremendous pressure from the leadership of this schism to pretend the matter to be mere semantics allowing it a place with in the CACI. However, the CACI has no common ground with any position declaring Jesus Christ to be a sinner. 

Sadly, we lost a small handful of beloved Elders & Ministers. It is our sincere hope that through the grace of Jesus Christ our God and Savior they may someday be reconciled.

Notable events in 2017

2017 was a year of tremendous unity and continued growth within the CACI. Our CACI Festival registrations grew by 50% over the previous year.

Notable events in 2018

In 2018 the CACI faced down "Hebrew Name-ism" or "The Sacred Name Doctrine". This schism teaches that baptism in the Name (according to Acts 2:38)  is to be pronounced exclusively in Hebrew, and that "Jesus" is an insufficient anti-christ impostor. 

Many CACI ministers use Hebrew pronunciations occasionally such as Yahweh, and Y'shua. However, this is not to the exclusion of any other language. The original pronunciation of these names in Hebrew is both unknown and unknowable with the ancient sound of the letters lost to history. This is an indisputable fact. Thus, we can not know with certainty that one pronunciation is more accurate than another. 

There is also no evidence that a name is more acceptable when spoke in Hebrew. The scriptures themselves declare that names change from language to language. 

"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." Rev 9:11

Notable events in 2019

2019 was a year of growth and unity within the CACI fellowship. Both our 2019 Spring and Fall Convocations had the highest number of registered attendees in CACI history. Our Feast of Tabernacles event grew by over 50% in attendance since 2018!

The Work Continues... To God Be The Glory!!

Notable events in 2020

A difficult year worldwide. Many CACI congregations turned to online meetings when in-person meetings were not possible. Becoming more proficient at using online tools turned out to be a catalyst for greater outreach. We hosted both our Spring and Fall Convocations via Zoom.

Notable events in 2021